Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling

If you like traveling, you know that it can be a lot of work and be hard on your body. Whether flying or driving, sitting in one position for too long causes distress on the body, triggering pain and discomfort. However, there are several ways you can avoid traveling discomforts. At Chiropractic Clinic of Dr. Gregory Miller, serving Dededo, GU, our chiropractor in Guam provides treatment for traveling pains. Here are some tips on how to avoid pain in the first place.

Tips While Driving

If you are about to hit the road with your car, there are several ways you can avoid aches and pains.

Take Short Rests 

If you are driving far, make pit stops along your journey. During the rest, stretch your body to ensure there is proper blood circulation. This ensures that body parts that have remained inactive can get moving again.

Adjust Your Seat Properly

Before driving, adjust your seat and steering wheel to ensure that you are comfortable. Do the same if you are a passenger.

Perform Car Exercises

You don’t need to be standing to perform exercises. While seated, you can do small exercises to promote blood circulation. Stretching the hands and neck can prevent the body parts from tightening up.

Tips for Flying

Unlike driving, you can’t take short stops when flying. However, this doesn’t mean you have to endure a painful journey. Here are some tips to ensure you reduce aches when flying.

Get Up and Stretch

Instead of sitting throughout your whole flight, stand up and do minor stretches in the aisle. This ensures you don’t suffer blood clots and pain from poor posture.

Adjust Your Seat

While it’s difficult to adjust your seat in flight, try to sit in a comfortable position. You can bring a pillow to support your neck and back.

Visit Our Chiropractor in Guam for Pain Relief Treatments

If you are suffering from aches and pain after traveling, we can help. Instead of searching for a “chiropractor near me”, visit us at Chiropractic Clinic of Dr. Gregory Miller in Dededo, GU. We provide a variety of chiropractic care services and will guide you on how to avoid future pain. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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