Active Assisted Shoulder Range Of Motion Using A Dowel

Exercise Instructions

  • Body Region
  • Specific Area
  • Exercise Type
  • Equipment Used

Sit comfortably in an upright position. Grasp the dowel with your left hand and place your open right palm on the other end of the dowel. Glide your arms to the right, causing the right arm to elevate to 90 degrees, if possible. This is abduction. Return to the starting position.

Next, using your left hand, rotate the dowel behind you and then lower your left hand. Your right arm will elevate forward. This is flexion.

Next, rotate your left arm forward and then up, bringing the right arm backward and up. This is extension.

Next, keep your right elbow close to your body and glide the dowel to the right. This is external rotation.

Finally, grasp with dowel with both hands. Using your left hand, move the dowel to the left. This is internal rotation.


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